Canada issues licence for drone cargo transportation services


Authors: Drew Tyler, Benjamin Bedard, Kahina Haroune

On July 21, 2021, the Canadian Transportation Agency granted Drone Delivery Canada a temporary licence to operate a domestic all-cargo air service in Canada.

Drone Delivery Canada supplies drone-based logistics services using unmanned aerial vehicles (“UAVs”) or drones.

In Canada, it is prohibited to provide services transporting goods or persons using aircraft without a licence issued by the Canadian Transportation Agency.  Aircraft includes UAVs.

The Agency granted Drone Delivery Canada a temporary licence until June 22, 2022. The temporary nature of the licence is tied to Drone Delivery Canada’s status as a “Canadian” under the applicable legislation.

This is the second licence issued by the CTA for UAV cargo services in Canada. The first was issued in October 2020 to Indro Robotics Inc.

Any firms considering offering transportation services using UAVs should ensure they have secured any required licence from the Agency and that they comply with all Transport Canada regulations.  For further information on Canadian UAV regulation, please contact the authors.