Arbitration, Litigation and Dispute Resolution

We regularly represent clients on a range of litigation matters, with a special focus on litigation matters involving federal, provincial or municipal government entities as parties. Litigating against government entities in the federal and provincial courts, as well as before arbitrators, involves a keen understanding of how governments operate and their key policy priorities. We have litigated an array of regulatory/commercial matters, including matters pertaining to international trade, government contracting, competition law, intellectual property, Indigenous governance matters, class action, transportation, environmental disputes, labour/human rights, access to information and privacy, and employment.

In addition, we assist with dispute resolution processes internal to organizations by creating and administering processes to fairly resolve matters.

This may include investigating and reporting on matters that may be the source of a dispute. Also, it may include a more sophisticated approach that draws upon our experience in administrative law. For example, we have assisted First Nation organizations in their treaty negotiations and nation building efforts by developing and assisting in the administration of an alternative dispute resolution process that reflects the specific needs of the community and its cultural heritage.