Conlin Bedard LLP provides representation and dispute resolution services to Indigenous communities throughout Canada. Indigenous communities confront legal issues and disputes that are complex and multifaceted. Such disputes may be internal to the nation or community, may involve claims against the Crown or third parties and may be either historic or multigenerational in nature.

Members of Conlin Bedard LLP have been extensively involved in litigation and dispute resolution involving Indigenous communities, including mediation of pending litigation.

The Honourable Michael L. Phelan, former Justice of the Federal Court, was the judge of first instance in a number of landmark cases pertaining to Indigenous law in Canada, including Daniels v. Canada as well as such matters as McLean v Canada (the Federal Indian Day School settlement) and Riddle v Canada (the Sixties Scoop settlement). Mr. Phelan understands and can appreciate the complexity and the unique historical and social context involved in this area of law. Mr. Phelan is available to provide guidance, counsel and alternative dispute resolution services to assist in the presentation or resolution of legal issues or disputes, including matters of internal governance and capacity building.

Ben Mills, a partner with Conlin Bedard, is an experienced advisor and litigator who provides legal representation, independent legal advice and dispute resolution services to Indigenous communities. Ben has supported treaty negotiations by providing alternative dispute resolution processes and legal representation to resolve internal disputes regarding elections, treaty negotiations and membership. Ben’s services are provided in support of the advancement of Indigenous self-determination and nation building.

Honourable Michael L. Phelan

Ben Mills